Refund Policy

The refund policy will be void if:

  1. The primary design concept has been approved.
  2. The cancellation was made for reasons not related to the company.
  3. The client is unresponsive or out of contact for more than 2 weeks during the project.
  4. Company policies have been violated.
  5. Another company or designer has been approached for the same project.
  6. A complete design change has been demanded after its approved.
  7. The refund request has exceeded the given time frame.
  8. The business is closing or changing name or business direction.
  9. Refunds will not be provided for reasons such as “change of mind,” “disagreement with a partner,” or other reasons not related to the service.
  10. If a client subscribes to a service bundle and is dissatisfied with one particular service, a refund will only be applicable for that service, not the entire bundle.
  11. No refund can be claimed or processed once the final files have been delivered following the client’s request.
  12. Services such as social media, SEO, domain registration, and web hosting are not entitled to refunds under any circumstances.
  13. In the case of websites, refunds will not be entertained once the design has been approved and sent for development.

Note: The company reserves the right to hold or reject any project or cancel the contract at any time deemed necessary. 

Claiming a Refund:

To claim a refund, please send an email to Our billing department will respond as soon as they receive the request. The process will be initiated after the necessary analysis is completed.